"I'm writing to express my complete satisfaction with your wallpaper
removal product Permeātor... I tried Dif and it just didn't help to get
the paper off. I then used Permeātor and I was amazed at the
difference... We were simply amazed at how well Permeātor helped us to
get this dreaded job done."

- Chris (homeowner)

"Permeātor is a great product. When applied to the vinyl face of the
wallpaper, Permeātor keeps the water wet making removal easier. When
applied to the paper backing, Permeātor "permeates" like no other
product I have ever seen. Permeation is the key to dissolving the
adhesive. Since using Permeātor as of September 2007, I have not had to
resort to any of my old removal methods or products. Permeātor! None

- Wallpaper Removal Company

"I was thrilled after using your product Permeātor. I had wanted to
remove the wallpaper from my bathroom for a long time but my husband
assured me it would be too much trouble. I attempted it myself and
found it messy and very time consuming, so I left it unfinished. I
tried Permeātor and it instantly absorbed into the wallpaper. I peeled
it right off without having to wait for it to set, I couldn't believe
it. This product allowed me to finish my goal without the frustration.
I can't wait to use it again."

- Kim (homeowner)

"I'm a believer! Permeātor Wallpaper Releaser is the best! I first used
your product on wallpaper that was not strippable and it cut the time
to take it off the wall by 75%. I know this because I spent 2 hours on
a Saturday afternoon trying to get this paper from one wall. After
purchasing a bottle of Permeātor, the paper on the other three walls
came off in one quarter of the time.
Then I moved to a hallway that was covered with a vinyl strippable paper.
After removing the paper, I sprayed the paper backing, waited 5 minutes,
and the backing came off in sheets. Fantastic!
When it comes to stripping wallpaper in the future, I will never again
be without Permeātor."

- Bob (homeowner)

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