MIXING:  Add 1 fl. oz. (4 capfuls) of Permeātor to 32 fl. oz. (four cups) of water, or add 4 fl. oz. of Permeātor to 1 gallon of water.  The ratio can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

USING: Just spray Permeātor on an area of wallpaper (one sheet at a time).  Work from top to bottom.  When paper turns dark, simply peel or scrape off paper.  If the top layer of paper is vinyl, peel it off or score it with a scoring tool first.  Continue to wet area, then remove the paper backing.  Do not let paper dry.  Repeat as necessary.

GLUE RELEASING:  Once the wallpaper is removed, remove any residual glue by spraying Permeātor on a small area, and wiping with a clean rag or paper towel until area is no longer sticky. 

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