Welcome to the Permeātor Wallpaper / Paste RELEASER Website – Why pay for water?

Permeātor™ Wallpaper / Paste Releaser is a safe, clear, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, wetting agent (surfactant) that easily removes wallpaper & paste, even old paper on unsized walls.  Unlike other wallpaper strippers, Permeātor™ removes much of the work from removing wallpaper & paste.

Beyond being safe, Permeātor™ is an environmentally friendly product.  And 1 fl. oz. (4 capfuls) of Permeātor™ to 32 fl. oz. (4 cups) of water and it makes the equivalent of one 32 ounce spray bottle of the competition.  One bottle of Permeātor™ makes twelve 32 ounce spray bottles.  Why pay for water (and the bottles to hold it, the fuel to ship it, and the shelf space to store it) when you can use your own water!

No dyes, no unpleasant smell, no dangerous chemicals.

Our product is proudly made in the USA.

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